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  1. I joined a group called the intelligent team who are on iraisers. Withing 3months they have moved me from bronze 1 to silver1. They have a way of dealing with difficulty in getting referrals through a method. Their method seems to be working. They are leading abgrouo of 500 people to win the car soon before January 2019. I think they are worth trying. This link should help visit their facebook site


  2. I want to join but the person that introduced me have not registered,how will i join and if I join and I can’t bring someone after me will i still be paid?

        1. You can withdraw through bank with minimum of $300. You can also exchange your earniy with cash locally through leaders, members or prospects.

  3. Can you guys add something like iraisers account numbers so that we can use it to buy some stuff online or an iraisers card

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